Rock Art In Tynedale

the goatstones

Rock art is an important archaeological aspect of pre-historic Northumberland, dating from the Neoloithic and Bronze Age periods. A number of important rock art sites have been recorded in the region covered by NOWTAG's area of interest.

bellshiel panel

As part of our 2016-2017 Beyond the Wall : Edges Green Project, Tynedale North of the Wall Archaeology Group organised a programme of volunteer visits to selected rock art sites in Tynedale to record various aspects of the decorated stones and their contexts.

carhill panel

Stan Beckensall is one of the world's foremost researchers into Prehistoric rock art and has kindly provided articles for the site, 'Rock Art Coservation' and 'British Rock Art'. In 'British Rock Art' Stan gives a account of the context in which rock art is found. 'British Rock Art' is available as a download. As the title suggests 'Rock Art Conservation' addresses the need for the conservation of Britains rock art.

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